This course has been designed to optimize corporate performance by analyzing and identifying the various areas in which a more efficient management of the purchasing function can lead to higher profitability through the identification of the most adequate suppliers, the early introduction of new technologies in the manufacturing process through adequate competitive intelligence and a constant approach to quality improvement.

Participant Profile

This course addresses itself to all managers and employees involved in the purchasing process.

Course content

  • The global corporation
  • The strategic role of the purchasing department
  • The organization of the purchasing department
  • The use of databanks in the purchasing process
  • Information flows and competitive intelligence
  • The purchasing process - from inception to realization
  • The price - cost - quality trilemma
  • The art of negotiation
  • ePurchasing
  • Contracts
  • Issues in patents and copyrights
  • Mastering the logistical aspects of purchasing
  • Ethical issues