Innovation foresight - the ability to understand the technologies that will be arriving on the market in the near future and their impact on business - is a key to success. Increasingly, these new technologies will require an interdisciplinary cooperation and this seminar approaches this major issue with examples taken from various scientific and technological areas.


Allow an understanding of the technologies that will reach the market and their impact on diffferent business areas. The seminar also leads to an increased perception of the need for interdisciplinary approaches to the development and use of new technologies.

Participant Profile

CEOs, R&D managers, intellectual property specialists, marketing specialists

Course Content

  • Basic understanding and applications of nanotechnology
  • Basic understanding and applications of biotechnologies
  • The future of numerical technologies
  • The future of web technologies
  • Research on artifical life
  • Interdisciplinarity as the driving engine of innovation
  • Convergence of biotechnology, nanotechnology and STICs
  • Paradigm changes in life sciences and nanotechnologies
  • Technological development and sensemaking
  • Future technologies and economic growth


3 consecutive days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


CHF 1 250.-