Technology and Innovation are, and will continue to be, the main instruments in wealth creation, whatever the business area. Technology is penetrating service providers just as much as it is industrial corporations. Indeed, technology is changing the very process of management.

Technological competence, however, is insufficient to succeed. Managerial know-how is an essential component of successful corporations. Tomorrow's leaders will therefore need to master the key factors allowing them to bridge technology and management through the understanding of the opportunities and risks they will be facing.

Managing innovation and technology requires, therefore, a significantly different approach than the management of consumer products.

Uncertainty, due to rapid progress and discontinuity, has a significantly higher disruption effect in technologically-based corporations than in other areas. Consequently, risk-taking and its management is an important component of managerial decisions.

Understanding the context in which innovation takes place is another key factor for successful corporations.

These factors require a highly trained leader able to carry his corporation forward with a clear vision of tomorrow's challenges.

This course is designed in a modular way for technically-competent individuals that have the will to add advanced managerial competences that will allow them to assume substantial managerial responsibilities.