To leverage the power of the Internet, corporations have to define a strategy for their entire Internet, intranet, extranet sales and their ebusiness services. Their implementation and operation are crucial to satisfy the related needs of user groups, of content suppliers and of partners. By understanding and mastering this fast-evolving ICT (Information & Communication Technology) landscape, corporations can successfully add new channels of the marketing mix to expand their market share and integrate more closely their suppliers' network to improve production. The course will cover the theoretical background and give an overview of the best practices in the field.


The course will enable participants to :

  • Define and implement an internet strategy to improve corporate efficiency
  • Lead or participate in internet projects and lifecycle management
  • Define and operate online marketing, in particular new channels for new segments of the marketing mix

Participant Profile

Senior managers involved in Internet and ebusiness strategies and projects. Marketing managers, product managers and sales managers.

Course Content

  • Conception of Internet web sites
  • Audit and competitors analysis
  • Site mapping and usability
  • Content Management System (CMS), process and supplier selection
  • Web positioning (search engine) and direct marketing
  • Cross media, mobile, rich media content
  • ebusiness with eshop, integration of CRM & ERP


Three consecutive days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


CHF 1 250.-