No doubt ours is the century of globalization. This on-going process is affecting the economy, the financial markets, our culture and the way we think. It is the end of those barriers some saw as protective and others as a hindrance. Our neighbors, close and distant, are seen with different eyes as we increase our commercial and cultural exchanges with them. While most of us this change as entirely positive, others believe it needs considerable improvement, and finally some are resisting it by very powerful means.

For corporations this translates into unique challenges to conquer new markets and to face new competition, but also to understand how changes in the environment affect their strategy, development and leadership.

Indeed, a major consequence of globalization has been the increased complexity of the environment with the inter-relatedness of events worldwide and the consequences of these changes on their own business. This is partly due to our mind-set, estabished by educational systems still geo- and ethno-centric.

Decisions taken at one end of the world impact profoundly corporations operating in countries or business areas that appear, mistakenly, to be insulated from exterior developments. Perverse effects of decisions occur almost inevitably and defeat the original purpose of the decision. Events appear to develop suddenly when they are often the result of long-lasting trends that could, or should, have been identified through proper analysis. Rising or emerging trends, in turn, tend to impact each other in surprising ways.

KOSMON® has been devised precisely to aid decision makers in understanding the complexity of events in a global world, their impact on business and to sharpen their decision-making skills in a complex environment.

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