Today's marketing and communication strategies can benefit from the latest discoveries on the brain's functions. Purchasing behavior and decision making can thus be better and more efficiently understood.


Allow a more thorough understanding of the biological activity underlying decisions, whether in a managerial or a retail context.

Participant Profile

Marketing managers and sales managers and personnel

Course Description

  • The basis of neuro-marketing - from the reptilian brain to the most recent discoveries
  • Modelizing the consumer's behavior in the 'classic' and 'innovative' segments
  • The six determinants of decision making by the reptilian brain
  • The role of the limbic system and of the neocortex in consumer decision making
  • Neural marketing as a complement to the other consumer behavioral models
  • Case studies : the use of neural marketing in FMCGs and services, high technology and innovative services


Two full days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm