Successful, profitable corporations are those that are able to innovate. The issue is how to successfully lead your personnel to think in terms of innovative products and services that fill latent needs and have an almost instant market acceptance. Using the attribute model, this corporate workshop has been designed to assist corporations in the generation of innovative product and service ideas.


By using the product attribute tool, this workshop drives teams with market and product knowledge to think in terms of product improvements or totally new products. It strongly reinforces interdependency and mutual understanding of team members and is therefore particularly useful to members of virtual teams that may have different cultural backgrounds.

Participant Profile

All individuals participating in new product or service development, from entrepreneur to senior executives.

Course Content

Throughout this workshop, the moderator will lead the team members to define a number of product attributes that will lead to the verbal definition of unserviced niches or segments, product extensions, incremental innovation or radical innovation.


One or two days depending on the size of the team and product complexity.


CHF 5 000.-