In a highly complex world in which major paradigms are changing, understanding these changes and giving them direction has become vital in the ability of corporations to both plan and innovate. The ability to develop competitive foresight through an early identification of trends is therefore crucial to successfully competing. This seminar allows participants to understand both the process and the tools used for trend identification.


This seminar will allow participants to understand the importance of the early detection of trends and acquire the tools to carry out this highly important process.

Participant Profile

All corporte managers involved in planning, product and sales management and product innovation and development.

Course Content

  • Definition of a trend
  • Fads, long-term trends and cyclical trends
  • The three Ds : Data, Direction and Duration
  • Using panels to determine trends
  • Early signal detection
  • Trend reversals
  • Tools : IT, RFID, semantics


Two consecutive days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm