Sociologists tell us society has tribalized. In other words, classic segmentation is no longer appropriate when consumer groups are to a large extent heterogeneous in sociological terms but homogeneous in the sharing of ac ommon passion. Creating a common action, real or through a virtual network, is then the most efficient way of reaching them.

This seminar looks briefly at the theoretical background of a tribal society, provides analytical tools to determine if, for a particular industry or product tribal marketing is relevant, and describes successful marketing strategies.


The objective of this seminar is to allow participants to understand the basic concepts underpinning Tribal Marketing, discuss successful uses of this approach for a variety of products and offer leads on how best to use new communication technologies to enhance the success of this approach at consumer level.

Participant Profile

Marketing managers, Product managers, Assistant product managers and their assistants as well as Webmasters.

Course Content

  • The tribalization of society
  • The creation of product-centered tribal movements
  • Tribe identification
  • Can the tribe be controlled ?
  • Societing and new technologies


Two consecutive days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


CHF 900.-